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Puff Puff Pass!

Puff Puff Pass!
The ballast is buzzing, the water is dripping, the fan is blowing
Puff Puff Pass!
The weed is burning, the smoke is flowing, the stoners are laughing
Puff Puff Pass!
Taking off their clothing, the models are blazing, while the strobes are flashing

- Anonymous -

We are excited and proud to present the Dazed Vixens: seductive stoners with big buds and intoxicating smiles. If you love cannabis and sexy nude women, you will want to gaze at these glamorous medical users tending to their plants while enjoying a taste of their favorite strains. 

Posing  in outdoor gardens or Indoor grow rooms, giving grow tips and recipes for tasty edibles, the irresistible naked vixens will become your new drug of choice.

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