Growing Tip:Feed your rabbit organic food and use droppings as fertilizer.... You will get very bushy plants!

Her Favorite Strain is: Sativas in the morningAnd hybrids at nightI love trying new strains! (Past favs are white widow, purple haze, og bubba kush, outdoor bc bud, headband, tangerine) 

Her Favorite way to get Dazed: Oh I love my bongs. I can take a quick snap and last for hours! I do my best work that way with sativa. 

Her Favorite place to smoke (In your barn, in your bed, in front of TV) In my office early morning while I work on the computer booking sessions. Or in bed at night before I sleep.

Her Smoking Pet's peeve: When someone always takes greens and chars the hell out of it and says oh well at least I left you some! (Wtf) also don't steal my lighter!! 

Her Favorite hobby: playing roller hockey, dancing... Kicking boys asses!

Her Favorite Munchies: Good rich expensive dark chocolate! Or gluten free chips:)

Her Favorite Band: depends on genres Rock: the riot - with coal chamber members who I love to death. Dubstep- skrillex, infected mushroom. Rap - eminem. Electro - Lindsey stirling. Classic rock- CCR. Classical- charkovsky